This Isn’t an Action Movie

So Byron Smith’s home had been broken into before.

So Nick Brady and Haile Kifer were probably involved in at least one other break-in, and were suspected of stealing drugs.

Listen to this man disable, then kill first Nick, then Haile and tell me whether each person in their own home should be an unaccountable judge, jury, and executioner. Warning, this audio is of two human beings being killed, plus a self-justifying rant afterward.

He was convicted of first-degree murder.

Now I don’t think it’s appropriate to answer deadly, ill-defined paranoia with not-deadly amateur psychology, but there is no doubt that there is a violent and dangerous underlying problem. This is a more sane reaction. Remove the laws that support a crazed fantasy: that actions you take with a weapon are unaccountable to anyone. Sure, let’s have a saner gun control policy. There also needs to be a re-thinking of the Cowboys & Indians legal regime that’s been built around them. Complete with racial injustice.

Yes, I’m a handgun owner. But I live in a world with people who have a reasonable expectation that I won’t shoot them. Don’t their wishes have some weight in this matter too?