Step this way for your hetero check… er, TSA screening…

Maureen Dowd describes the dubious joy of a TSA full-body search, and some of the humiliations that go with it. Seems an effective way to publically intimidate people who fall outside social norms (those who don’t get even better at hiding in their respective closets), as well as instill a sense of comparitive normality about the other ways the government is reaching into our lives.

(The New York Times found by way of BuzzFlash)


The Guardian has reported that women now comprise the majority of new AIDS cases. While the Republican majority seeks to spend their new “political capital” like its going out of style, (read as: repay the interests that kept them in office) and the Democrats continue to dither, Rome is truly burning. Or if it isn’t because of AIDS, there are other ways reality is asserting itself over the economics of faith-based, short-term personal gain.

Try putting too many animals in a filthy cage.

The blog is frothing about a mother who killed her child by amputating her arms.

A few interesting things about the feeding frenzy.

In a post by someone under the name skeeter: “14 posts & no one has blamed dad yet.”

No-one ever mentioned much about the father, except

[sb: quoted from a news article]Child-protective officials were interviewing Schlosser’s daughters and would talk to the father before deciding whether to remove the girls from the home.

I’m speechless….no I’m not: What the heck has the father done? Where were you busybodies before the baby died? The father hasn’t done a thing that we know of [sb: emphasis mine]!

Now let’s think about this. This is not only the state with the highest divorce rate in the country, it’s got a high murder rate and an appaling poverty rate.

Now on an individual level, what she did is horrifying, no matter what the motivation. But given that Texas is becoming known internationally for this sort of thing (end of article), isn’t it time to not only be outraged over the inhumanity of the actions, but of the crazy place that makes it easier and easier for this to happen?

Isn’t it time to admit that something is well and truly fucked up about the way Texas treats its people?

Given that most (if not all) of these policies were strengthened or implemented when the people who put Bush in the Governor’s office were hitting their stride in power, are any Bush voters out there getting the idea yet that maybe something is WRONG?

SB: I’m not comparing Texans to animals, because as human beings we *are* animals. We don’t react well to being tightly packed in a cage, either.