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Human Predation

One of the things that some people on the Right have gotten somewhat correct about Elliott Rodgers (for the wrong reason, mostly “it’s all the Left’s fault”)* is that it’s more than just hatred of women that drove him. He didn’t kill four men because he hated women, he killed them because they were in the way of his “rightful” place in life. He viewed half of his fellow human beings as objects (disobedient and disrespectful living currency, an echo of a very old and ugly view), but this had consequences in how he viewed the other half of the human race: as competitors (at best), as thugs, as thieves, or as outright threats. Even his father, who he seemed to both be in fear and awe of, earned contempt from Elliott for raising such a weak son.

Elliott did not just reveal misogyny or misandry*; he was a paradigm of misanthropy. This is what a lot of younger Social Justice people don’t necessarily get, and what most of those who mock Feminism most certainly don’t get. Sometimes calling the systemic poison that ails us Patriarchy is to grant it certain types of power it doesn’t have in our collective imagination. Further than that, it is to understate just how insidiously this hatred of the Other is combined with an Othering of (and hatred for) the self for either never quite living up to its standards, or for just what an amoral and destructive being you become while attempting to enforce them.

Beyond that, I have no words.

Updated: Echidne’s deep dive into his madness is depressing and revealing (and shows great strength of character on her part), though it is a different perspective. Also, I do have more words now. It seems that human beings assume great solidarity among the Other(s), while usually feeling very isolated amongst people we identify with, which is why division between groups has always been easier than encouraging solidarity. Seriously, once you manage to “other” a group, how hard is it to impress a single imaginary organizational framework upon that group? Answer: depressingly easy, especially as compared with the effort it takes to actually organize that group.

Add to that the division between “alphas” (those who should reproduce) and “betas” (those who don’t deserve to), and the ability to cull anyone who shows weakness from the rank of “alphas,” and you have a culture that exists only to feed on itself (which is why I consider it a smaller, more intense version of our larger social culture in the U.S., that encourages men to prey on (or at the very least control) women, and men to poach women from (and ultimately destroy and overcome) other men. There’s no camaraderie, and there’s little or no common humanity, only the shared scapegoat of the moment. If this sounds familiar, it is because it is the classic Feminist description of Patriarchy (and it’s also the idea world of Ayn Rand and her acolytes, go fig). I guess I take it personally in a different way, because I have no choice.

* Roy Edroso’s roundup here.
** I shudder to think of how he viewed those outside that simple binary formulation

When “nie wieder” becomes dogma.

Everywhere around me I see people beating other people over the head with dogma. The particular dogma I’m sick of at the moment is, as Liat Weingart put it in his excellent essay on how the Holocaust has been manupulated and in many ways altered into unrecognizeability, “…that Jews were led, like sheep to the slaughter, to the gas chambers, that they alone were murdered, and that the event of their annihilation had no precedent in history and therefore, no event in the present can compare to the Holocaust.”

Mkay. Let’s be realistic about this:
1. The Jewish victims account for just over one-half of the total number of victims in the death camps.
2. The Nazi extermination programs were NOT neat and clean, only taking place in the camps. More Soviets – twelve million – were killed by the Germans (during the invasion of the Soviet Union) than any other people. Half of the almost 6 million Poles that were killed were not Jewish. A LOT of peoples were butchered by the Reich.
3. The Reich was philosophically based on a “Social Darwinistic” notion of racial superiority. If you weren’t Aryan or enslaved, you were going to be killed, if they had their way. They got their way a lot.
4. A few examples from China the Americas, Cambodia, and Africa are easily found of previous atrocities of unimaginable and inhuman scale. On these levels, the human mind can no longer grasp the enormity of what was done.
5. What the Nazi Germans had that these others didn’t is hellish efficiency through the techniques of mass production. They even tested different ways of killing in preparation. The number of people moved and killed was staggering, as was the number of people involved in carrying it out, the organization behinde it, the physical infrastructure, and the enormity of it. But to focus completely on what happened to the Jewish people is to turn away from what is important: What happens when you combine a demagogue, a national religion, a wildly advanced scientific community, a cultural history of prejudice and bigotry, and the Protestant work ethic.
6. Israel’s leadership has been, and is abusing the moral authority that the Judeo-centric view of the Holocaust gives them.

Add to this that Israel has a tiger by the tail, and Israel’s position as global martyr has and will continue to buy them more trouble than it’s worth, not to mention dispossess, terrorize, or kill millions of Palestinians.