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A few thoughts about the press craziness w/ Spicer and Conway:

I guess we know what it takes to get me blogging again.

Before we continue, watch this press conference if you haven’t already (warning, auto-play video – also, make note of the headline that we never thought we’d see from CNN):

Right now the Trump Administration (and the GOP in general) are appealing to the crowd that thinks Megyn Kelly is a liberal.

Read that again. Let that sink in.

One, the media market that represents is not large enough to make currying favor in exchange for access a worthwhile survival strategy in the ever-present competition for eyeballs. Sure, there will always be some who write puff pieces, but I suspect the press we’re about to see is more reminiscent of the coverage of Bill Clinton’s White House (who was seen as an outsider by the BW press) than The Shrub.

Why would I say that?

Conway said “I think we’ll have to re-think our relationship with the press” in response to Chuck Todd (OMG, this was too much bullshit for CHUCK TODD), and he completely ignored that very open threat, because he’s already in adversarial mode, and this was not the most hostile bit of commentary that day. It didn’t start with the Inauguration then, either. Trump laid the groundwork for a hostile press with two actions:

1. At the press-conference/infomercial about his hotel, he played the press by telling them it was going to be a comment about his birtherism, and only throwing them one line at the end.
2. He then denied the press pool cameras’ designated producer access to the post-conference camera walk-a-long afterward.

The media’s response? Pull the pool entirely. At the time I was stunned, because I had never even heard of that being done with coverage of that level of politics.

Seriously, Trump has worked hard to get the usually power-friendly and complacent media to this point, and I suspect this is just the beginning, IF WE HELP. Let them know we don’t want this treatment to be reserved for the Trump Administration. There is an entire Republican Congressional Caucus that needs this treatment, too. Hell, cover all of Congress that way, we won’t mind.

Unwanted Advice from a Straight White Guy, Part I

Dear Jack Burkham:
It has come to the attention of this Straight White Guy that you have taken up a new cause:

Jack Burkman, head of the Washington, D.C. lobbying firm J.M. Burkman & Assoc. who is seeking to ban gays from the NFL, says he intends to build a national coalition to boycott any football franchise that picks openly gay football player Michael Sam in the NFL Draft, which starts Thursday at Radio City Music Hall in New York City.

In a release issued Thursday, Burkman said he would “leverage his political clout” to ensure that the franchise that selects the 6-foot-2, 260-pound defensive end from Missouri would get “roughed up financially.”

Oh really?

What makes you think that if Rush Limbaugh and his Flying Monkeys couldn’t intimidate the NFL, that you have a hope in hell of doing so? It didn’t stop the draft pick, even though everyone believed the shit-storm was coming. See, the NFL is full of the cut-throat business types the Republican Party claims to love, and they have decided it’s time for you to go under the bus.

You have decided that you can have the capitalist ruthlessness and the religious dogma all at the same time.* You can’t. I will say that in the modern America you have been largely responsible for creating, the dogma will lose, because the dogma doesn’t make sure you can pay rent (okay, for a few of you it does, but not many).

* Let’s not even get into the mythified cowboy exceptionalism, because that’s a load of bullshit too.

The Hilarity of Business Ethics

Katrina vanden Heuvel, in her Editor’s Cut column, today touched upon the moral (and perceptual) failings of the current business culture. Not only is what the average corporation does to its employees just Wrong, the over-inflated image of the ability and value the executive higher-ups have of themselves is just amazing.

At a non-profit organization that was undergoing a reorganization to be more along “business” lines that I worked for, an interesting memo was printed to a public printer – two corporate officers were being asked to be paid their very lucrative performance bonuses despite the fact that they missed their targets. The reason they gave? 9/11. The

It’s also important, Lapham argues, to understand–and change–the fact that “we live in a winner-takes all society, where individual achievement is honored and concepts like teamwork and community are generally ignored. There is a myth in our society that certain individuals are smarter, more motivated, get up earlier, work harder, take risks…and thereby create wealth all by themselves…We often come across successful individuals saying with a straight face ‘I never got any help from anybody.'”

Right. No-one ever changed their diapers, taught them to read, write, and do ‘rithmetic, taught them the basics of their trades, maintained their utilities (power,water, etc.), maintained the roads in their communities, got the mail to them, or anything else. They never got any help from the public sphere. Liars.

What does this word “roll” mean?

From The White House (Yes, the real one): ‘”Jennifer Millerwise has served the President well in her roll as Assistant Press Secretary. She brings great energy and skill to her new post as my Press Secretary and spokesperson,” said Vice President Dick Cheney.’ [1/15/05 – updated link, and the thought that this may be faith-based spelling?]

Now not only is the misspelling of “role” particularly unfortunate in an organization that specializes in policially and ethically sodomizing everyone who… well just everyone, but the fact that the message was delivered by Dick is just… unfortunate.

SB 7/1/14: It is not without a snicker that almost ten years later I notice my poor spelling in a post bitching about spelling.