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A few thoughts about the press craziness w/ Spicer and Conway:

I guess we know what it takes to get me blogging again.

Before we continue, watch this press conference if you haven’t already (warning, auto-play video – also, make note of the headline that we never thought we’d see from CNN):

Right now the Trump Administration (and the GOP in general) are appealing to the crowd that thinks Megyn Kelly is a liberal.

Read that again. Let that sink in.

One, the media market that represents is not large enough to make currying favor in exchange for access a worthwhile survival strategy in the ever-present competition for eyeballs. Sure, there will always be some who write puff pieces, but I suspect the press we’re about to see is more reminiscent of the coverage of Bill Clinton’s White House (who was seen as an outsider by the BW press) than The Shrub.

Why would I say that?

Conway said “I think we’ll have to re-think our relationship with the press” in response to Chuck Todd (OMG, this was too much bullshit for CHUCK TODD), and he completely ignored that very open threat, because he’s already in adversarial mode, and this was not the most hostile bit of commentary that day. It didn’t start with the Inauguration then, either. Trump laid the groundwork for a hostile press with two actions:

1. At the press-conference/infomercial about his hotel, he played the press by telling them it was going to be a comment about his birtherism, and only throwing them one line at the end.
2. He then denied the press pool cameras’ designated producer access to the post-conference camera walk-a-long afterward.

The media’s response? Pull the pool entirely. At the time I was stunned, because I had never even heard of that being done with coverage of that level of politics.

Seriously, Trump has worked hard to get the usually power-friendly and complacent media to this point, and I suspect this is just the beginning, IF WE HELP. Let them know we don’t want this treatment to be reserved for the Trump Administration. There is an entire Republican Congressional Caucus that needs this treatment, too. Hell, cover all of Congress that way, we won’t mind.

All War, All the Time.

Okay, now we’ve been joking about FNC being the war channel, but apparently there’s going to be one now for really real. I’m annoyed that they’re closing down Discovery Wings in order to do this, but with shows like “Mail Call” growing in popularity it was inevitable. I think the technology is neat, I’m that kind of wierd geek, but a whole channel devoted to it is Rumsfeld’s dream. Mark my words, there will be a significant boost in enlistments because of this, folllowed by a significant boost in disillusioned soldiers, I’m guessing.

SB 7/1/14: It is now the American Heroes Channel. Sigh.

Fox Wierdness

Want to see something strange? Take a look over here at OpenSecrets.Org’s listing of top contributors to federal candidates and parties in yhe TV/movies/music industry. Scroll down to number 7. News Corporation, the parent of Fox News, contributed more than twice as much to the Dems as the Republicans*. I wonder how I can get more detailed numbers. I wonder if we can start calling Fox part of the Liberal Media Establishment now. :P Most importantly, I wonder WHY it played out the way it did. Probably because there is a lot more to Fox than the

*(statement of methodology from’s website: “The numbers on this page are based on contributions from PACs, soft money donors, and individuals giving $200 or more. (Only those groups giving $5,000 or more are listed here.) In many cases, the organizations themselves did not donate, rather the money came from the organization’s PAC, its individual members or employees or owners, and those individuals’ immediate families. Organization totals include subsidiaries and affiliates. All donations took place during the 2003-2004 election cycle and were released by the Federal Election Commission on Monday, October 25, 2004. Feel free to distribute or cite this material, but please credit the Center for Responsive Politics.”)

Why was she so cheerful??

I was watching Fox News for a moment, and Rebecca Gomez came on talking to Neil Cavuto about Bridges TV, an English-language Arabic cable network. Now I wouldn’t be so suspicious, but the last time I saw Fox anchors that happy was in the last big court decision against gay marriage. This worries me, I will be interested to know who’s funding them.

SB: Ten years later, and I still don’t know.