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Necromancy Progress Report

As mentioned before, I’m using The Wayback Machine to recover all of my old posts from my various blogging platforms because REASONS.

I’ve finished 2004 (I’d only posted in November and December), and have realized a few things.

1. I really needed an editor. Still do, but DAMN did I need an editor.
2. I wasn’t a good enough blogger or writer to deserve an editor.
3. Posting links to blogs and news articles without excerpting from them is probably an exercise in futility, because they quite often go away. The Internet is not forever.
4. In fact, I was an incredibly sucky blogger.

I don’t recommend you go back and look at them, but it’s very obvious that browsers didn’t have spell-check in 2004. PAINFULLY obvious.

Bush Holds Press Conference, Hell Freezes Over

Oops, my bad. That’s scheduled for January 20th. What did happen is a puzzling moment where it seemed he suddenly bent his head and muttered at his tie. Take a look, but I think the speculation focuses on the wrong thing – rather than the muttering, listen to what he’s saying beforehand. AmericaBlog’s headline sums it up, “I think Bush was wired during his recent press conference”. I don’t believe he’s stupid, I do believe he’s always wired, but I don’t believe this event necessarily proves anything one way or another – other than the fact that Bush has so many things he needs to be careful about his words on. The Neo-Cons have done so much dirt, talking is as big a conflict for him as the undeclared Iraq war.

I’m thinking that it was either him muttering angrily at himself for the way he phrased part of his answer and the the Billy Flynnesque tap-dance he did to get away from it, or his handler was panicking over the same thing and he was telling them to shut up so he could think.

The possibilities have been argued that it was either a burp or that he was looking at his notes, but I don’t think so. He’s definitely talking, so it’s unlikely it’s a burp. He wasn’t looking at his notes, he would have been looking higher up.

At 16:26 in the video, he says

“I can understand why people, they’re looking on your TV screen, and seeing indiscriminate bombing, where thousands of innocent, or hundreds of innocent Iraqis are getting killed, and they’re saying whether or not we’re able to achieve the objective. What they don’t see…”

and then went on to say, essentially, but there is progress, and we’re doing all these good things there. While in that phrase he’s talking about suicide bombers, whoever is on the other end of the mystery T on his back could have been a little worried by his word choice. He could have even been happy he pulled that one out. Especially since, to my knowledge, the only bombs killing thousands of Iraqis are ours.

And that’s about all the time we have to spend on this.

Note by SB on 7/14: Unfortunately I neglected to put a URL in the original link to America blog, so I removed the anchor tag to avoid confusion.

Sleepy Friday.

So I’m looking at Sub-Zero Blue looking to figure out why the English version of the (Arabic lanugage) CIA Rewards program went poof. It was obvious that the only thing the CIA is going to offer a reward to someone for is information, so it wasn’t much of a stretch. Still, if the English language version was ridiculed when it was theoretically readable by a more sympathetic (i.e. slightly less likely to want to leave a car full of explosives someplace crowded), why would the Arabic lanugage version be a productive thing to have on the front page?

For that matter, how many people literate in Arabic with positive knowledge of evildoors and a willingness to share said same with the CIA are going to be browsing the CIA’s website, anyway???

Yes, I’m way behind the times. But I have fun learning. And I so need sleep.


Now I remember. So I’m browsing Sub-Zero Blue and I see this ad from Google over there on your right. So now I’m giving up on trying to get my brain back into a serious frame of mind, since it has firmly latched onto one that would be more appropriate if the Weekly World News reported reality. Or perhaps The Onion.

[Note from SB 07/14: the image has been lost to the aether. Probably for the best.]