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Necromancy Progress Report

As mentioned before, I’m using The Wayback Machine to recover all of my old posts from my various blogging platforms because REASONS.

I’ve finished 2004 (I’d only posted in November and December), and have realized a few things.

1. I really needed an editor. Still do, but DAMN did I need an editor.
2. I wasn’t a good enough blogger or writer to deserve an editor.
3. Posting links to blogs and news articles without excerpting from them is probably an exercise in futility, because they quite often go away. The Internet is not forever.
4. In fact, I was an incredibly sucky blogger.

I don’t recommend you go back and look at them, but it’s very obvious that browsers didn’t have spell-check in 2004. PAINFULLY obvious.


So you may be noticing that older posts are starting to come to un-life and shamble towards you menacingly. Don’t worry, I’m just recovering my old content from The Wayback Machine and re-adding it to the site. I started with 2013 and 2012 (because there weren’t many posts), and then decided I’d jump to the oldest ones I could find (November 22nd, 2004) and work my way forward from there. It’s chilling to revisit the mindset I was in after the 2004 election. I haven’t yet created a category called “posts I’m ashamed of,” but I’m certain it will happen.

I’m amazed at how horrible a blogger I was.

FightingTerror.Org down.

For the past two days, The Committee on the Present Danger’s website has been down, with no explanation I can find anywhere.

Yesterday, attempts to brows the site returned a “connection refused”, which means that either:

1. The webserver hosting the site had been told to only communicate with a certain group of IP addresses (such as if the webserver had been told not to communicate with the outside world).

2. There wasn’t a webserver on the computer that is pointed to by (IP address

3. Something in between the webserver and the outside world has been told to explicitly reject any connection attempts.

Today things have changed. The box isn’t answering at all (the sit-there-and-look-at-the-hourglass-for-60-seconds-404-error). Very odd, since the very business of this organization is to spread a particular message, for this avenue of communication to go out. A whois of the address shows it’s still active, still registered (expiring on the 7th of May), and blocked from transfer (which is expected, that’s how the domain registrars make domains harder to steal).

Off the wall guess as to what happened? Either their webserver blew up (probably metaphorically) and they didn’t have anything to fail over to, they were seriously cracked (not just defacement, somebody went in to do some damage), there’s been a hyooge infrastructure problem (I can’t ping the most likely gateway for that address, which is inconclusive since pings could be blocked or I could easily have the network address wrong), or there’s a little shakeup going on.

Then again with how much Republicans and Republican-lites seem to like deficit spending now, maybe they just didn’t pay their hosting bill.